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WELCOME New Independent Sales  Affiliate

Congratulations and welcome to MyISA.Team. On behalf of your support team, we would like to extend a warm welcome to you in your new business adventure. We say new adventure because you are about to embark on a personal and financial quest that can change your life- and the lives of others as you share our compelling message with others. We do not expect you to understand the depth of this statement just yet, but in time you will.

We Are a Results Driven Organization…

If you are serious about changing your finances, our commitment to you is to match our time with your efforts so you can achieve whatever project you wish to raise money for. We will never take the credit for whatever success you may realize. However, we will never take the blame if you fail. The results you achieve are entirely up to the effort you invest in this new business venture.

You have a couple of options to choose from.

  1. You can treat your business like a hobby and receive a hobby income.
  2. Treat it like a real business and you will have the potential to earn unlimited income.

Our role in the equation, is to provide you with the tools, support and guidance found in our “Circle of Success.” Training system.

The rest is entirely up to you and we wish you great success.

Our Business Core Values

We practice the ART of GIVING in support of a just cause in exchange for a mutual benefit! ~ The reciprocity between one person or organization to another!

Our Philosophy…

Your Partner In Profit!

Now that you have chosen to partner with us, let’s highlight on what makes our Crowdfunding platform and our approach exceptional in comparison to the industry as a whole. Our business platform and philosophy has been proven, it’s predictable, it can be very profitable and it is a serious global opportunity. Once you truly understand the “referral rewards forced matrix,” you will see why the company was named… “People Helping People Worldwide.”

Our approach to business is never a “get rich QUICK gig.” Think of it as a two year plan to financial independence. Any business venture that is worth-while and lasts long-term takes more than a few months of effort.

So… if you’ve been searching for the right vehicle to invest your time wisely, then My ISA.Team and our strategic alliance with People Helping People Worldwide are your right partners to achieve your financial goals.

Our Target Crowdfunding Projects

MyISA.Team is continually looking for other complimentary products and services to enhance our network. We currently are focused on the following sectors to promote our  Crowdfunding platform.

  1. Traditional Small & Home Based Business Owners
  2. Charities and other community organizations looking to raise money
  3. College Students with overwhelming Student Loans to be paid
  4. People who have overwhelming debt to be paid
  5. The Transportation Industry- Professional Drivers
  6. Families who need to fund special projects and
  7. Entrepreneurs needing money to fund their project Practically any financial need you have, you can Crowdfund to raise money!

Practically any financial need you have, you can Crowdfund to raise money!

Because our Philosophy and Core Values are “engraved” in the hearts and minds of the My ISA Management Team and our Affiliates, it is the platform for our national campaign to instill in others these same beliefs. We sincerely believe our core-values will offer a “ray of hope” and secure financial and personal freedom to many others over the world

It’s Your Time…

You are in the right place at the right time.  The only other ingredient needed for you to succeed is your commitment to your dreams and aspirations. Invest the time and effort to achieve the financial goals you want to accomplish from this new adventure.  After all, how many years have you already invested in someone else’s dreams.

Now it’s time to invest in yourself!

Warmest wishes to you in your new endeavor.

The MyISA  Management Team